Import services

The import desk is primarily engaged in sourcing and supply of items for the selected sectors we have focused on as outlined below.

Sourcing can be based on direct client request or floated tenders, primarily ICBs (International Competitive Bids), as issued primarily by larger organizations, where we participate on our account as well as on behalf of various partnering suppliers from all over the world.

Printing and stationery

Printing materials

  • Printers
  • Different printing machines
  • Papers (White bond, Art, Bank, Manila, Manifold, Leather board, Wood free, Duplex)
  • Printing Inks
  • Hot melt glue, PUR adhesives and cleaner, stamping foils, Stitching wires.
  • CTP plates, CTP developers, CTP plate gum, Fountain solution

Stationery items

  • A0 to A6 color and photo copy papers
  • Notebooks
  • File holder boxes
  • Highlighter, carbon paper, hardcovers, adhesive tapes, calculators, and other school & office supplies

Laboratory equipment


We take pride in supplying Physics, Chemistry and Engingeering lab equipment to help students in Schools, Universities, and Colleges to not be limited by books.

Life science

Centrifuges, CO2 Incubators, Ultralow Freezers, Thermoshaker for microplates and tubes, Sonicators, Microscopes...

Construction supplies


Aluminum metals, Re-bars, Steel billets, pipes, waterproofing chemicals, roofing, etc.


Ceramics, tiles, wall sockets, electrical appliances, etc.

Irrigation technology

We provide and install irrigation equipment including watering cans, treadle pumps, low-lift motorized and solar pumps, hoses, pipes, sprinkles, big volumes guns and many more!

Water treatment technology

Supply and installation of quality tanks, pipes, fittings, pumps and numerous other equipment used in Mechanical, Biological, Chemical, Flotation and Membranes.

Solar power systems

  • Solar Power Systems (On-grid, Off-grid and Hybrid)
  • Solar Panel (Monocrystalline Solar Panels and Polycrystalline with different watts)
  • Solar Controller
  • Solar Inverter
  • Solar Battery
  • Rack

IT solutions

Data center infrastructure

Our company supplies and installs various equipment used in data center power system, cooling system, racks & structural cabling system, security, safety & environmental monitoring systems, and infrastructure management solution.

Contact center solution

We supply customer care softwares and various equipment.

Import desk Inquiry

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