Sinopia is a premier source in offering an extensive range of quality Construction and Educational Laboratory Equipment and Instruments.


EDUCATIONAL LABORATORY EQUIPMENT We take pride in supplying Educational Laboratory Equipment for Universities, Colleges, Schools, and Training and Vocational Institutes to aid students conduct practical experiments.

CONSTRUCTION LABORATORY EQUIPMENT We are focusing on engineering testing equipment, machines, and measuring devices for construction materials. Our products are tested by our Manufacturers to guarantee quality, reliability, and performance, backed by international standards and warranties.

Sinopia cooperates with companies that carry out construction projects, private laboratories, universities, and state institutions such as mineral research and exploration, road and highways, environment and city planning or hydraulics, irrigation, and hydrology departments.

Other than the Construction and Educational Laboratory Equipment supplies, we are also engaged in the sourcing and supplying of laboratory instruments, accessories, consumables, and non-consumables for core laboratories, leather development Institutes, veterinary laboratories, geotechnical investigations, water quality testing, wastewater analysis, and treatment plants.

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