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Sinopia has agreed with Grundfos, the number one largest pump manufacturer with a global reach spanning more than 130 countries, to set up a sub-factory where submersible borehole pumps will be assembled right here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


Status:- Active


This assembly line makes Ethiopia the 2nd African country to have a Grundfos Sub-Factory and it is expected to assemble 1056 units of Grundfos SP pumps in its first year of operation. As its initial products, the sub-factory will assemble and market-ready 8 types of submersible borehole pumps.


The sub-factory is expected to provide enough pump supply for the highly increasing demand in drinking water, irrigation, mining, and pressure boosting in high-rise buildings. Additionally, it saves considerable foreign currency, facilitates knowledge transfer in this sector and job creation, as well as provides affordable solar water pumps for Ethiopian smallholder farmers.

Revitalizing Trade in Africa !

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