A Short Interview With WPS Division Head

11 February 2023

It’s well-remembered that Sinopia participated as an exhibitor at the 4th Solar Africa Expo, Africa’s prime solar energy expo, from January 23 to 25, 2023, at Millennium Hall, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We have had a brief interview with Abenezer Negash, Division Head of Water and Power Solution (WPS), regarding Sinopia’s experience at the event.

Question: First and foremost, we would like to express our gratitude for your willingness. Could you please introduce yourself and your division to us?

Abenezer: I'd like to thank you as well. I’m Abenezer Negash. I have been working in the solar sector for more than 4 years. And I have been in Sinopia as WPS division head for more than a year. My role in this division is managing projects from the design and consulting stages to the testing and commissioning. Under this Water and Power Solutions (WPS) division, Sinopia supplies a variety of premium-quality pumping systems for both solar water pumping systems and solar electrification, including domestic and submersible water pumps, as well as solar panels, batteries, controllers, and solar-powered pumping systems. The division supplies versatile solar-powered water pumping solutions along with in-depth pre and post-sales services and has proven its capability by successfully implementing different water and solar projects throughout Ethiopia.

Question: What was Sinopia's goal in participating in the Solar Expo 2023?

Abenezer: Solar Africa Expo is an international event used to showcase products in solar technology. As a company that focuses on providing technology-based renewable solutions, Sinopia found the expo to be an excellent opportunity to prove its expertise in the area. We wanted to participate in the expo to present our state-of-the-art solar and pumping products and systems, display our successfully executed solar and water projects across Ethiopia, meet potential clients, and create B2B relationships with other companies.

Question: What were the products that Sinopia showcased at the expo?

Abenezer: We primarily featured three of the many solutions we provide at the expo: the SP Solar Pump, the Longi solar panels, and the Grundfos SP solar system. Our solid partnership with the world's leading solar and pumping technology providers enabled us to supply efficient, effective, and reliable solar-powered solutions for all pumping needs.

Question: Who visited Sinopia at the expo?

Abenezer: Sinopia has used the expo as a good platform to engage with a huge number of visitors from different industries. We have had conversations and idea exchanges with personnel from the construction, irrigation, manufacturing, and private sectors. Furthermore, we had an interesting interaction at our booth with retailers and electromechanical manufacturers with industrial plants.

Question: What do you think are the benefits and impacts of the expo?

Abenezer: The 4th Solar Africa Expo has played paramount importance in strengthening business-to-business relations among companies, creating opportunities to meet potential clients, interacting with end users, building a business network, and learning about international and local markets. We used the expo as an excellent opportunity to create awareness and inform people about the solar pumping solutions we provide. We have seen that many individuals and companies have shown interest in our products and promised to work with us after getting a brief description of our solutions.

Question: How did you find the expo overall?

Abenezer: As our vision statement implies, Sinopia believes Africa has the resources to become a self-sufficient continent, and technology-based renewable solutions will aid in utilizing these resources responsibly. And we also believe that events like the Solar Africa Expo pave the way to this by facilitating the integration of stakeholders in the multi-sector to showcase their wide range of products, equipment, and services. Sinopia is pleased to be an exhibitor at the expo. All of the delightful encounters at the expo gave us a memorable experience. We look forward to taking part in other expos.


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