Sinopia Expands Supply Chain Solutions to East Africa, USA, and Guangzhou, China

17 December 2022

Sinopia expands its operations to East Africa, USA and Guangzhou, China to provide comprehensive supply chain solutions to a wider range of clients and industries.

Sinopia, a leading supply chain solutions provider, has announced the expansion of its offices to most major cities throughout East Africa, USA, and Guangzhou, China. The company, known for its comprehensive supply chain solutions in various sectors such as printing, lab equipment and related supplies, agro and solar technology solutions, and more, will now be able to offer its services to a wider range of clients and industries.

With the expansion, Sinopia will also be able to leverage the expertise and resources of the companies under its umbrella, which includes sectors such as medical equipment, real estate, construction materials, furniture, manufacturing, logistics, etc. The company aims to provide a complete supply chain solution to its clients, from sourcing and procurement to logistics and delivery.

“We are excited to expand our operations to these regions and are confident that our comprehensive supply chain solutions will be of great value to our clients,” said the CEO of Sinopia. “We look forward to working with companies in these areas and helping them to improve their supply chain efficiency and reduce costs.”

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